From idea to app in seconds, literally

Give us a short prompt for the app you want to build and receive a full app in seconds, database, front end, backend and limitless options to continue it.


You get everything you need

This literally feels like you gave your requirements to an agency and got the first iteration. But in seconds instead of weeks.

the manifest interface for creating uis
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User Interfaces

An app that can run in iOS, Android and Web. With all the freedom to customize them 100%, content, logos, sizes, pages, animations, you name it.

the manifest interface for viewing and editing the tables in the database
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You'll get a real database that works for everything the app needs while also being capable of being used by engineers and data scientists.

example code of a function you could write
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We also create functions for you automatically, to handle big workloads or sensitive info in a safe way.
And again, you can easily create more of those.


Publish in one click

After you configure your accounts you will be able to sync your updates to the stores and your website in just a click.

Play Store

App Store



Access to all the native device APIs

Realtime updates

Everything in the app will have instant updates, no need to ask the user to reload.

User location

Access locations of users to give personalized experiences.

*requires explicit permission from user


Send push notifications so that users stay up to date even outside your app.

Deep Links

Want users to be able to share links that point to a specific place in your app? We've got that too.

Barcode Scanner

Read QR Codes, Product Barcodes and perform actions based on the results.


Integrate Google Maps, show user location, places, pins.


Allow the user to interact with their contact list within your app. Names, phone numbers and pictures.

For teams

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes

With realtime collaboration, comments, branches and version control. You'll have everything a pro needs.

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Engineering teams

Want to bootstrap your new project without spending days or weeks on the basics?
Confidently start with us, you'll be able to continue writing code from your preferred text editor.

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Product teams

New idea? Give us a prompt and we'll give you the app, so that you can focus on users requests.
Whatever change you need in the future you can do it yourself or bring technical people for specific things.

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Design Teams

Build your designs yourself, no need to learn to code, use the visual editor to create and adjust anything you want.


Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we receive, feel free to contact us through chat for anything else

When will it be available?

We expect to expand the beta later this year and to have a public release by early 2024

How much will it cost?

Right now it costs $100 per project/month and it can have up to 5 teammates collaborating on it.

What tech stack would my app use?

It would have a postgres database, a nodeJS backend, a vueJS front end and capacitorJS for the mobile apps. If you want us to support some other technology let us know through the chat

Do you have a mac app?

Yeah, actually it is only available for Mac as of this moment, some features will also be available from web later on

Is this a no code builder?

Yes, but the magic thing is that you are actually building real code which you can access. If you feel limited by the platform please let us know but rest assured you can always just code whatever you are missing.

Does this already work or is just a landing?

We are already running a private beta, it is still private because there's still things to improve but if you are an early adopter we might be able to find a spot for you sooner. Let us know!

Launching later this year, join the waitlist to be on the loop

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